Shrek – Capitalism is Ogre! Unisex Tee – Strong Crimson / XL

Shrek – Capitalism is Ogre! Unisex Tee – Solid Red / XL
#Shrek #Capitalism #Ogre #Unisex #Tee #Solid #Red

When you think about it Shrek is more than just a meme, he is a transformative character that starts the film as a Libertarian jerk and finds strength in a community of the marginalized. He doesn’t seek power or wealth. While I am sure many could extend the meditations of Shrek towards Henry David Thoreau… let’s not bother. At this point taking Shrek seriously is as much of a meme as not taking him seriously. But what am I to do? If you don’t grab people’s attention how can you hope to open their eyes? Comfortable and light, this premium fitt

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