5 Pcs/1Bag Pure Matatabi Pet Snack Cat Chew Stick Deal with Toy Catnip Molar Meals – one measurement / A number of colours y

5 Pcs/1Bag Natural Matatabi Pet Snack Cat Chew Stick Treat Toy Catnip Molar Food – one size / Multiple colors y
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Specification: Moisturizing and maintaining cat’s lung and heart. Remove the cat’s tartar, fresh breath, and help cat excrete the hair ball in the body and a variety of toxic substances effectively. This chew stick is suitable for most cats, but there are a few exceptions due to different intestinal absorption of different cats. After using some time, you can peel off the outer layer to recover the function. Type: Chew Stick Quantity: 5 Pcs/1 Bag Material: Natural Matatabi Usage: 2-3 Times Per Week, 1 Stick Per Time. Note: Due to the light and

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